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German Wwii Soldier Found Wwii Metal Detecting

Original Wwii Issued French 1916 Battle Of Verdun Medal Us Army Soldier

   Original WWII Issued French 1916 Battle of Verdun Medal - US Army Soldier. Nice original WWI medal in original issue box which was issued to a US soldier during WWII (in 1944). Very scarce to find one of these in the original box and with the issuing paperwork. But, this one also has documentation showing it was awarded during WWII, in 1944. According to the paperwork it was issued in September 1944 to Corporal Frank Troha Jr. Of the 773rd Field Artillery Battalion, HQ Battery. It also has the thin issue paper from 1929 when the medal was produced and still being distributed to both ...

Soldier Rushes On Beach Thinking It S The Normandy Landings In 1944

Wwii Original Red Army Soviet Soldier Tank Mg Gunner 30 Kills 59 Guards Danzig

   WWII Original Red Army Soviet Soldier Tank MG Gunner 30 Kills 59 Guards Danzig. An original Red Army ID Book issued to GRIGORJEBICH, Petr Segeevich. Guards Sergeant, born in Russian in 1924. Enlisted as a Tank MG Gunner, in the 59th Guards Tank Brigade, 1st Belorussian Front/2nd Belorussian Front. Order of the Great Patriotic War, Order of the Red Star, Medal for Courage. He was on the turret of the tank using the MG to take down enemy infantry, up to 30 enemy soldiers. He fought in the battle of Danzig 1945. Very rare with the printed feat of actions for the medals and photos ...

The Youngest Ww2 Soldier History Militarytube

Wwii Original Red Army Soviet Soldier Id Ppsh Issued 1944 Infantry Rare

WWII Original Red Army Soviet Soldier ID PPSH Issued 1944 Infantry Rare. An original Red Army ID - hard to find these nowadays and many collections do not even have one - Rare. Check back often - we search estates and sources across the world to bring a fine selection of militaria. Please review all photos for details regarding the condition of the item listed - further condition information will be included in the listing as is relevant, if you need additional photographs or have questions regarding the condition please do not hesitate to ask. I describe all items to the best of my ability ...

Who Is The Most Famous German Soldier Of Ww2

Us Army Soldier M1945 Field Combat Cargo Bag Pack Equipment Wwii Green Bag Prop

Vintage Military Helmet British Army 1944 Unique Collectible Soldier Equipment

Vintage Military Helmet British Army 1944 Unique Collectible Soldier Equipment. VINTAGE MILITARY HELMET English Army WWII WW2.   

Ww2 German Wehrmacht Infantry Grenadier War Papers Original Army Soldier Old War

One sheet is missing one corner. One sheet is missing a strip at top right. The battalion was formed on August 26, 1939 in Berlin-Spandau, Military District III. The 67th Replacement Battalion was initially subordinate to the 153rd Division and provided the replacement for the 23rd Infantry Division. The unit was eventually transferred to Ukraine. Check out my other WW2 items.   


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