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The Real Life British Secret Agents Of World War 2 David Jason S Secret Service Timeline

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Hugo Boss Secret Nazi History Fashion At War M2m Exclusive Documentary

Ww2 Usaaf Original Secret Us Army Air Force T61-ax2 Drone Aircraft Transmitter

   THIS ITEM WILL NOT ENABLE A WEAPON TO SHOOT AND IS NOT A PART FOR A WEAPON. A TRULY RARE PIECE OF EQUIPMENT MEANT FOR A MUSEUM. AXT = AIRCRAFT / VIDEO / TRANSMITTER / WEIGHS 25 LBS. / 11.5" WIDE X 8" TALL X 17 DEEP. The AN/AXT-2 is the transmitting set. The camera, PH-522/AXT2, was an improved CRV-59AAE with a solenoid-controlled haze filter. Contract date was around 1944. Camera would have been mounted on bomb with glider controls. Prefixed frequency television transmitter designed for military usage guidance systems. HERE'S SOME COPY/PASTE LINKS HOW THIS WW2 EQUIPMENT WAS ACTUALLY ...
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